Sunday, January 10, 2010


1. Not having to go anywhere on a cold day.
2. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
3. Sewing

1. The rag quilt
2. Lucky catching a frisbee
3. A clean bathroom

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Three more things


1. The sun peeping through the clouds

2. Lucky

3. The empty laundry hamper


1. Waffle House breakfast

2. I was able to step down from the back porch and walk around the back yard, and step back up onto the porch.

3. The feral kitten went into the box I made for her to sleep in during the cold weather.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good and Beautiful

sunset, originally uploaded by texaswren.

1. Looking through old pictures and remembering happy moments.
2. Getting the Christmas decorations down and packed away
3. Doing all of my commissary shopping without a wheelchair or one of those dumb (but thank goodness for them!) motorized carts

1. The house being neat and uncluttered after the Christmas decorations are put away.
2. The rosemary bush
3. Our library

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year Full of Good Things

I find that last year was a bit too full of whining and fretting, when there was really no reason for it. So, I decided to resurrect by Three Good Things each day. Then, I saw blogging friends doing Three Beautiful Things. That led me to realize how often those are the same thing.

I won't commit to every day, but I have learned enough about myself as I've grown older to realize that I don't like anything that has to be done every day. But, I'll do it when I can, and I'll have a record to remind me of how lucky and wonderful my life is when days look gloomy.

Three Good Things---TGT
1. Lucky is feeling better
2. Sitting on the sofa with a laptop instead of stuck in my office in the back of the house, all alone.
3. Spending the day with my husband.

Three Beautiful Things-TBT
1. Fort Worth skyline
2. My snuggly sofa quilt
3. Johnnie's eyes.