Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kittens and Puppets



I have been racking my brain, trying to figure out something for Dad for Father’s Day.  He’s in a nursing home, so he doesn’t need much, and he doesn’t really have any hobbies.  He doesn’t like tv, or reading, or music, and he has plenty of clothes.  But, he loves cats-always has, so I decided to get him something with a cat on it. 

It’s June, so no calendars.  Not much space for pictures, they don’t make grown men’s pajamas with cats on them, so I was stumped.

I finally decided to make him a pillowcase, so I headed off to my trusty Wal-Mart.  I know they are down low on the list of Places That Have Great Fabric, but, in my world, you work with what’s available.

Anyway, I ran across these pre-printed pillow panels by Patty Reed, and my problem was solved.  The brindle one is a lot cuter than the yellow one, but he won’t mind.  I also bought some fabric with cats on it, and I’ll make the pillowcase for his birthday.


I also bought fabric to make a puppet theatre for my youngest granddaughter’s birthday.  I had planned to finish it today, but that won’t be happening. My dog is having some issues with the whole being still thing.  He was really good for the first 10 days, but now, he wants off the leash.  Since that isn’t going to happen, he’s decided that the only thing that will make him happy is to have both of us in the same room with him.  So, I’m doing a lot of reading and a lot of handwork right now.  I brought him with me into the office and and am bribing him with bacon treats to stay in here and not cry. He’s going to be so spoiled by the time this is all over!

NoNoNoNo #1

So, this is the fabric that will, one day soon, be a doorway puppet theatre.


I’m also working on the yo-yo clown for my friend’s little girl.  I embroidered one face, but I can’t use it.  It’s scary—it scared me, so I sure don’t want to send it to Lilly!  I have another one sketched out, so maybe it won’t look scary. 

Hope everyone is staying cool, or warm, depending on your season.  We hit 99º yesterday.

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