Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter things

I thought that some of my grandkids would be here for Easter, so I've been doing some sewing for their Easter baskets. That didn't work out, so now I have some free time.

I've been making fabric eggs, using this tutorial from Retro Mama, and the secret pockets egg from Sew, Mama, Sew! They are really lovely, but I decided that I would like some larger eggs. I am sending some eggs to an adorable set of twins for their first Easter, so I wanted them to be large enough to play with and not stuff in their mouths.

With permission from the lovely Retro Mama, I started to enlarge. This might be a good time to say that I have no spatial sense, and I still haven't figured out how that odd shaped template ends up an egg. But, surely it couldn't be too hard to enlarge it. Let's just say that it was a good way to shrink the stash, because there were lots and lots of odd looking stuffed creations that didn't resemble any egg I've ever seen! I've grown hard-shelled gourds that had some resemblance though!

Anyway, first I pasted the template into Print Artist, and keeping the proportions the same, I just enlarged it.

Oops! Just a little wide in the hips aren't you Ms Egg? I feel your pain.

So, I took my little apple-y egg template and narrowed it, keeping the height.
Oh dear, what is this thing?

At this point, I abandoned the whole idea of just dragging some arrows to enlarge it and grabbed some printer paper.

Using RetroMama's templated, I just added ¼" all the way around. Then I added another ¼", and in the end, I came up with an egg that was the perfect size.

I''ll make a few more this week to top off the bowl, or maybe I won't. I'll use this as a centerpiece on the table on Sunday.

I love fabric eggs!

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  1. They look fantastic! I'm glad that the enlarged eggs worked out, your grandkids will love them!