Saturday, October 24, 2009

TexasWren's World Renown Stealth Release Disguise Kit

Premiere Edition.

This was my contribution to the goody bags at the BookCrossing UnCon in Kansas City this weekend. I've sent handmade leather bookmarks, notepads, more bookmarks, yarn kitties, pillows, and this year, I was completely stumped. I really didn't want to send bookmarks again, and I know several others were going to send bookmarks, and I like to be a bit different.

In the way of all good crafters, I spent hours pouring over blogs to find the perfect idea. It had to be relatively inexpensive, since I was making 30 of them. It had to be fun. It had to be something I could actually do. Just as I was about to give up and drag out the random pieces of leather from my stash---again---I found This Tutorial from Whimsylove. It just screamed "Perfect!!" to me.

Let me stop here and give a brief explanation of BookCrossing so that you can grasp the fun of this craftiness. We register books, label them with unique numbers and leave them for people to find and enjoy, and hopefully, journal on the website. (It's free and private!)

We have several release methods. There is the standard "Leave it somewhere, and when the waitress/person on the bus runs after you to tell you that you forgot your book, you casually tell them that you are finished reading it and someone else can have it now" release. And then, there is the stealth release, which avoids the awkwardness of the aforementioned style.


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