Friday, December 24, 2010

Emergency Project

I bought my granddaughter this really huge poster of the Eclipse (Twilight) gang.  You know how each year, there is at least one gift that you know is going to be perfect, and you are really excited about it?  This was the one for 2010. 

When I started to wrap it Thursday morning, I discovered that the kittens had clawed the plastic and left scratch marks on it.  We jumped in the car and drove 35 miles to the nearest Target to try to replace it, but they didn't have one--naturally.  We ended up getting her an ugly one about half the size of the original.  I was crushed. 

I came home and dug this tote out of my stash, cruised some Twilight websites for ideas, and came up with this design.  She is going to love it!!!

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  1. I'm a fan of Twilight too, so love your Twilight items.