Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camera bags and yo-yos

It's been a busy week for sewing.

My new camera doesn't have a case. I haven't bought one because I like to carry it in my purse, and a bag large enough to fit the camera won't fit in my purse. It isn't really a problem-I'm very careful with my purse, because I'm use to having a camera in there. The lens has a cap, but I was worried about the viewing screen getting scratched. I know it wouldn't be a catastrophe, but there is no point in taking chances.

So, I bought some gorgeous quilted fabric and made my own.

My new camera bag

It is not quite as firm as I expected--it probably could have benefitted from some interfacing, but the inside of the quilted fabric was just so pretty that I wanted it to show. If I had used 2 layers of the fabric, it would have made it too bulky. So, this will work just fine.

Just look at that gorgeous inner fabric.

My new camera bag

I still need to put some sort of closure on it, but it fits nicely in my purse and will keep it from getting scratched.

And for Yoko, we have yo-yos! Do these colors look ok? Because if not, I can easily adjust them. I'm using mostly primary colors, but if you'd rather, I can put in more pastels or florals.


I meant to make more butterflies today, and I did actually get more cut out, but machine time just didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Very pretty! Bright and colorful! I've seen pictures of clowns like that, but I don't think I've ever seen one in real life. Lilly will love it!

  2. You said on your LJ that no one reads your crafty blog, well that makes two. Love the bag, very well done to you. I would stick to the primary colours for your yoyos they are so very vibrant.