Friday, May 1, 2009

Why use a yo-yo maker?

This is going to be a picture-less post. Sorry.

I like to make yo-yos. I like hand-sewing, and this requires much less concentration than cross-stitch or embroidery, so it's perfect for travelling or sitting in the dentist office.

I've read so much about the Clover yo-yo maker, so I bought one, since all I ever hear are the shouts of joy for owning one.

I must say that I don't get it. It works fine, my test yo-yo looked nice and neat, but no nicer or neater than my handmade one. I guess I'm missing something.

One of the biggest flaws is that there are only 3 sizes. I don't like being restricted to just 3 sizes--it makes me feel stifled or something.

So, for those who love their yo-yo maker, I'm very happy for you. I'll stick to the old-fashioned way. I do reserve the right to play with their flower yo-yo maker though!!


  1. The only yo-yos I know are the wooden ones with string and they go up and down. What are handsewn yo-yos?

    I love your blog - it is so pretty! I put you on my blog list, too.

  2. Yes, please, what is a yo-yo if not a children's toy made of wood and string?

  3. @ Cecilia A yo-yo is also a fabric circle.

    It can be used for quilt tops, vests, purses, and toys. I'm making a clown right now. He will look like this one: