Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camera bags and yo-yos

It's been a busy week for sewing.

My new camera doesn't have a case. I haven't bought one because I like to carry it in my purse, and a bag large enough to fit the camera won't fit in my purse. It isn't really a problem-I'm very careful with my purse, because I'm use to having a camera in there. The lens has a cap, but I was worried about the viewing screen getting scratched. I know it wouldn't be a catastrophe, but there is no point in taking chances.

So, I bought some gorgeous quilted fabric and made my own.

My new camera bag

It is not quite as firm as I expected--it probably could have benefitted from some interfacing, but the inside of the quilted fabric was just so pretty that I wanted it to show. If I had used 2 layers of the fabric, it would have made it too bulky. So, this will work just fine.

Just look at that gorgeous inner fabric.

My new camera bag

I still need to put some sort of closure on it, but it fits nicely in my purse and will keep it from getting scratched.

And for Yoko, we have yo-yos! Do these colors look ok? Because if not, I can easily adjust them. I'm using mostly primary colors, but if you'd rather, I can put in more pastels or florals.


I meant to make more butterflies today, and I did actually get more cut out, but machine time just didn't happen. Maybe tomorrow.

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